Sunday, September 19, 2010

Photo (s) of the Day: Adventure time!

Every Sunday the road going from Churchgate Station to the Fashion Street  cross roads is filled with vendors carrying all sorts of random items...from plastic files and folders to jeans in all shapes and size to handkerchiefs, soft toys and lots of little eats to fake deodorants! And these are just the things that i can remember of the top of my head. I've always wanted to go take a stroll down that road and see the numerous people who come and shop there! Well i finally did... and these are the results!

I managed to get a surprisingly large number of portrait shots.I say surprising because it was so rushed and crowded. There were people jostling in all directions that I had just about a second to take most of these photos. It was a wonder that most of my photographs weren't blurry!

So i shall leave you with the many people and things i saw...

Such a gentle and shy face.. which is such a contrast to that moustache!

Steaming hot channa being made.. full of spice and buttery goodness ! mmmm :)

An old Parsi gentlemen trying to find some answers in while peering into the old well...

Random numbers written on a stone wall of a building.
Architecture is so much more interesting when there's a story behind it.
 I'm going to try and find out what it means!

Love the fall colours seen in this twisted, rusted barbed wire.
It lends such a beautiful contrast to the elegant stone facade behind.

A book which class old school font!

A wise old statue studying the people passing below.

The signboard of a shop asking for God's blessings and hanging a haar for good luck :)

Switchboards and buttons...
Its funny how most clothes in little stalls are hung right next to the light switches.
i guess its the extraordinary in the ordinary! 

The owner of a sugar cane stall enjoying his evening cigarette!

Making a living and looking grand while doing it!

You can see how protective he his about his little sister on his face!

The common man will agree to join you on a walk.
But only if you ask very nicely.

This thought behind this photograph:
I was wondering about the reasons that make us hold back and prevent us from achieving everything we want to.
So many of us jail ourselves behind our inhibitions .
( including me )

Have you ever seen a tree look so grand?

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