Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Makes me Think

This can be twisted onto any old bottle or jar to turn it into a vase. How cool is that!

seen via Design Crush

Why dont you.. Use your closet to decorate your room! ( Part 1)

The festive season is near us.. I love this time of year. The buzz surrounding parties, weddings and holidays is usually enough to revv up the spirit.
For the new year why dont you shake things in your home around a bit. Say use jewellery or your closet to decorate spaces an make them your own. It adds a personal touch and detailing always has such a big impact on any space!
Take a cue from what you see below!

All images via The Coveteur. Love love love.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Little less Conversation

This is a bathroom. Takes designing to a whole new level!

Diy Inspiration

Why not use your coffee table books in a more useful manner?

( via An Indian Summer )

Bare Essentials

I'm always slightly befuddled when I see so many homes which have shiny, glitzy , over the top interiors. I remember going to two homes that looked more like hotels than a place where a family stays, eats and lives their life!
I often feel that in Mumbai, people overlook the high impact that simple styling can have. It doesn't really matter  how much a particular piece of furniture or a fancy lamp cost if the environment it bestows is un-welcoming.
Another thing that I have noticed is that people don't really maximise the potential that Indian design products and artifacts can have in a home environment. They have the ability to add so much warmth and character to a place. Its definitely an opportunity missed.
Below are some examples of simple ( and sometimes to the extent rustic) styling which shows how much beauty lies in simplicity.

( via French by Design )

( via An Indian Summer )

( via French by Design )

( via An Indian Summer )

( via An Indian Summer )