Saturday, June 18, 2011


Have you seen this ring yet?
It is possibly the coolest piece of jewellery I have seen in a long long time! Forget the random trend of having miniature animal rings adorning your fingers.. this is where the real action is at!
This is supposed to be Gotham city!

Its made by Noir for DC Comics and you can find out more here !

Imagine if they made them with all the major cities.. you could literally have the world in your hand!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Photo of the Day

Im currently loving this collection of beautiful boxes!

As seen an my cousins house :)
She has the most incredible room. Its like living in a treasue chest!

Fifteen Minutes : Georges Rousse

What an incredible artist and photographer. Georges Rousses is a photographer who alters the physical environment around him and then takes photos of the result.
He plays with perspective and light and shade. Can you imagine the effort behind taking these photos? On certain days I cant even hold the camera straight!
Yes, you can easily alter a space like this in photo shop within a matter of  minutes. However, people cannot explore the space and experience that "Aha!" moment when they stand at the exact point where all the lines and colours come together, to well, form the complete picture! And therein, lies the great difference.
If you are as intrigued as I am, you can go and see the rest of his work on his official website here . Trust me, its well worth the fifteen minutes!

( from here )

( from here )

( from here )

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( from here )

Sunday, June 12, 2011


This is probably the best thing I have seen all day. Flash dances are incredible! We should start something like this in Mumbai.
Any thoughs on that?

Photo of the Day : Focus

Today I'm going to tackle my ever-growing things to-do list.. and manage to get some of the stuff on it done!

Photo Crush

This colour combinationshouldnt work in theory .. but it looks so fantastic!

Seen at eat.sleep.wear .

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Last bit of Summer.

I love the vibrant colours of an Indian Summer.

Photo Crush

This photo made me smile :)
Have a wonderful day! :)

Photo seen here

Fifteen Minutes : Abelardo Morell

How would you like to travel the world while siting in your office? Or be transported to the streets of Brooklyn while lounging on your bed? Sounds like time travel? It's better.. not to mention far simpler!
Take a look at the magnificent work of Abelardo Morell whose creative use of photography techniques immediately transforms a room.. and takes you across the world!

" View of the Brooklyn Bridge in Bedroom" 2009

Camera Obscura : View of the Times Square in Hotel Room, 2010

Camera Obscura : View of the Manhattan Bridge- April 30th/ Afternoon,2010

Boston's Old Custom House in Hotel Room,1999

Did I hear you say Wow! You can read more about his technique and projects on his official website here !

( Colour photos from here )
( Black and photo from here )