Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Currently Crushing

Mumbai had its very own flash mob dance ! I was lucky enough to witness it live and the rush it gives you is like no other. It took place at the iconic CST station on a Sunday evening and the reactions of people around me was amazing! I had taken a video but I'm glad I didnt put it up because this video is so much better! I'm really hoping I can be a part of the next one :)

Its a must watch! And will definitely brighten up your day! :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

A little less conversation

These may be the best cookies I have ever seen.

via Dessarts

Things to Do

 Hermès will be screening a 40 minute documentary on the craftsmenship behind their products.
I wonder how many of those who buy their products will actually take the time out to go see how they were made?
A  Hermès artisan from France will also be present to demonstrate the process by making a small leather good.
The documentary will be screened every hour from 11 am to 7 pm at the store at Horniman Circle.

The address is :
15A Horniman Circle
Near Asiatic Society Library
2263 0093

Read more over at Mumbai Boss

Currently Crushing

It feels so absolutely wonderful to think of something other than my thesis. My mind is so excited about the possibilities that await that it keeps flitting from one to the next.. These are the few things that are currently stuck in my head...

1. No Nasties
This was an initiative that was started as a need to do something about the alarming number of farmer suicides in India. They strive to combine organic farming which benefits both farmers and the environment along with cool t shirt designs. Have a look below!

My favourite : The  'Where You At Mumbai' Tshirt


" Mulga Mulgi"

Bonus: Their t shirts are super soft!
Extra points: They offer online shopping and shipping within  India.

Read more about their incredible initiative on their wesite here ! 
In Mumbai, they retail at Attic ( Colaba and Santacruz) and Our Lil Bit ( Versova)

2. Rehab- Amy Winehouse