Monday, January 18, 2010

Misfit Mondays

I'm back again! Mondays usually seem to be accompanied by the blues and one of my bffs has a bad case of them! So in an effort to cheer her up, im dedicating this Misfit Monday to her. These are some photos of the week gone by that i think she'll enjoy. I hope you like them too!

Have a good week!
These colours remind me of the beginning of summer. And the star shaped fruit tastes yummy and looks so pretty when cut :) Here's sending you some warmth if you're stuck someplace frigid.
This was taken from on top of a bridge just outside Chinchpokli station. The name makes me smile everytime :)

Red buses shining in the afternoon sun are enough to brighten up any grey street. Also, if you are free this saturday with nothing to do, try catching a red bus without knowing its final destination. It can be your own mini adventure!

The shadow looks so much prettier than the gate. And it looks so different too! I think pretty shadows amount to awesome public art.

Marine drive. Our own little piece of heaven.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Photo booth

One of my resolutions this year was to try and take one photo a day. To make this projest of mine a little more exciting i ahve decided to set a theme for each week. This will simplify matters by giving me something to focus on!
The theme I have chosen for this week is
I will post my efforts at the end of the week! I'm super excited about this project and i can't wait to see how it turns out! wish me luck!

Tumbling Tuesdays

Welcome to Tumbling Tuesday! The week has just begun and there are so many thoughts running through my head... work to do, tasks to finish, things to make, places to go and photos to take! There's so much to share... so lets start!

There have been songs running through my head throughout the day. Its like my personal soundtrack! Apart from providing me with entertainment it got me thinking on the effect music has on our moods. And alternatively, how we perceive music differently according to the mood we're in! Personally for me, the right song tends to make a sad day happier and a good day even better. Also, weirdly enough, I oscillate between focusing on the melody and focusing on the lyrics depending on my mood!
How does music affect your mood? Do let me know!
These lyrics, well literally sang out to me, so i thought I'll share them with you. : )
"When you wanna give up, and your hearts about to break,
Remember you're perfect, God makes no mistakes."
Credit : Welcome to wherever you are - Bon jovi
I hope it brightened up your day! xoxo

Monday, January 11, 2010

Misfit Mondays

Monday mornings always seem to take more effort than the other days of the week. I try to shrug off the laziness of the weekend and try to approach the coming week with some amount of positivity. That however, is easier said than done. Thus to make my week a litte more cheerful i decided to start the week of by thinking of a few of my favourite things! i hope you enjoy them as well :)

1. Blue skies and the blue sea.

2. Dogs who take time out to smell the roses. :)

3. Interesting Shadows.

4. Colours , textures, patterns and bling :)

5. Moments of peace.

I hope you had a good weekend :)