Tuesday, August 30, 2011

xWishlistx : Reiko Kaneko

Reiko Kaneko seems to be a master creator of all things beautiful. And more importantly, simple. The designs usually focus on one or two key details and there in lies their secret.

I am currently craving her "Liptease" cups and "Dapple light" lamp.

To see much more of such goodness have a look here and to buy go here ! See her official website here !

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fifteen Minutes

This is a fifteen minutes with a twist. Instead of highlighting just one interesting read that I have come across I am going to pick and choose a couple of events that may interest you!

  • You still have a chance to book Sunburn tickets at Book My Show . Its on from December 27- 29 . Squeeze in some more partying between Christmas and the New Year !
  • There is now a Zone diet Dabba service. Want to lose weight without starving but dont have the time to plan and figure a menu that gets you there? This is your answer . Read more here on Brown Paper Bag .
  • Getting irritated by the non stop rain outside ? Save yourself the bad mood and think about what the homeless people living on the streets are going through. And if you care enough to educate yourself about it read about sleeping on Mumbai streets in this article here by Mumbai Boss . 
Image via French by Design

Photo of the Day

I hope your week ahead is filled with...

Colour.. to brighten up the grey caused by the skies.

Good conversations with close friends..

 Breath taking sunsets to help you understand the magic of Nature.

Quiet Moments to collect your thoughts

 And compassion to realise that not everyone may be as lucky as you.

Currently Crushing

This photo is making me smile :) 

seen first at French by Design

Saturday, August 27, 2011