Monday, June 28, 2010

Misfit Mondays

Its Monday! and hence its time to recall some of my favourite things. I hope your week ahead is filled with..

1. Carpets of neon green leaves..

2. Fabulous friends who wear interesting pieces of jewellery and indulge in retail therapy with you :) I absolutely love this bracelet!

3. Curtains of exploding lights

4. Bottles that like standing out in the crowd.

5. Pani Puri... The best invention ever. Im craving it so badly!

Have a good week!

Photo of the Day

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Shoppe

And this is the second item that is up for purchase at the shop! Its a lovely button dish and can be used for a number of things ( take a look below) . The colour is a soft fresh green that will complement just about anything!

And you get to take it home only for Rs. 50 ! Those who are interested can mail me at ! Do leave your name and number so i can contact you!

1. Tea light holder!

2. it can be used to hold little place little knick knacks like earrings...

3. It can be placed against a wall to add some prettiness :)

4. It would make an adorable coaster.

5. You can just group it with anything else to spread a little love!

I hope you all like it!

The Shoppe

Well here is the very first item that is up for sale ! :)

Its a zipper bookmark! You can take this little treasure home for Rs. 2o only ! It would add a little bit of colour and a whole lot of cuteness to your favourite book!

It can be zipped a little...

Or a it can be zipped a lot :)

Here's a detail of the button on top!

And it can be yours only for Rs. 20 ! If you would like it to be yours send me a mail at !

The Shoppe

Inspiration struck me today morning which resulted in a spout of crazy crafting!
I've been making things for a while now and have always dreamt of having a mini exhibition and selling them.. however that might take a little more time!And since my friends and family have been encouraging me to share and sell the things i make instead of them just lying around... i thought i would put some photos up and see if any of you are interested in buying them!
so here it is... finally! The Shoppe!
Here are the first two items that are for sale..

1. Button Heart Dish

2. Zipper Button Bookmark :)

I'll be putting up more photos and prices in the following posts! I hope you like them :)

**** Please note that all the items I put up for sale are orignal ideas and are handmade by me. Please do not steal or replicate them for commercial use. It takes a lot of hardwork!

Photo of the Day

Friday, June 25, 2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Reason

Photo of the Day

I hope you have a feet hanging out of the window, lost in your own world weekend!

Fifteen Minutes

If you only have fifteen minutes to spare this and you want to see something beautiful and inspiring which will refresh you, the posts in this section are for you...i hope you enjoy them!

Jordan Matter's " Dancers Among Us" series features dancers from the Paul Taylor and Martha Graham Dance Companies doing everyday out and about things in NYC while dancing.

If you would like to take a look at some more of these marvellous photos go to this link :
Dance Photographs - Dancers Among Us Annmaria Mazzini Jordan Matter Photography

Friday, June 18, 2010

Photo of the Day

This is one of my favourite photos ever!

Five Senses Friday

Falling sick is the worst thing ever. i have high fever and a cough and im feeling dizzy. hence im stranded in my bed instead of doing things that i want to do.. like go out and take photos and shop et all!

Anyways.. here are the things that make up today's five senses fridays!


Whoever thought of this is a genius!

i want!!!


this photo describes exactly how i currently feel.

Credit :


Anyone who has trouble sleeping should get his music asap.

In fact you should get it anyway. It's pure brilliance.

And make sure you hear the jazz fusion...Trust me, you dont want to miss out on this!


Burberry Tender Touch is one of the nicest perfumes I've ever had!

A few sprays of this little baby and my mood is instantly better!


Oreo cake from the Gaylord Bakery is food for the soul.

And that concludes Five Sense Friday. I hope you have a good weekend.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Photo of the Day

getting drenched in the rain can make you sick. its true... i now have a really bad cough thats bringing my spirits down :(

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Photo of the Day

" Music is what feelings sound like."

Photo of the Day

Tumbling Tuesday

Well this weeks Tuesday was certainly tumbling for me! During the day i experienced the whole gamut of emotions from boredom and fruastration to fascination and joy! The day ended on a good note though with a beautiful film "My Architect " , a film made about the legendary architect Louis Kahn by his son. Highly highly recommended, for anyone interested in art and architecture. It is beautiful, soothing and enlightening all at once. All too often we forget that the essence of great architecture lies in philosophy. This film reminds us of that in all it's exquisite simplicity.Align Left
Hence in the honour of Louis Kahn and the film " My Architect" I leave you all with this quote from the movie...

" How accidental our existences are, really, and how influenced by circumstance."

Monday, June 14, 2010

Misfit Mondays

it rained!!! finally :) there's no better way to start a morning than to look out of your window and see the raindrops trickling down! :)
well since its Monday and since it seems like the week ahead is going to be a long one here are a few of the things im currently crushing on! i hope they make you happy too!

1. Music Philosophy

It combines two of my favourite things... amazing song lyrics and awe inspiring typography.. and makes them look like they were meant for each other! Forget fancy art.. i'll rather have one of these on my walls any day!

2. My cousin Arshi's desserts. Trust me when i say they are the BEST. THING .EVER.
Until you have tried her Chocolate Swamp cake consider your life incomplete.
And she has the sweetest name for her delicacies.. She sells under "Cravings". So apt.
If you would like some of that goodness, let me know and I'll give you her contact details!
3. People who look like they're having the time of their life! :)
4. My new window display! :)

I hope you have a good week! :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Photo of the Day

I know i missed two posts hence here's an extra long to make it up to all of you!
One of my college trips led me to the very depths of Bhuleshwar.. since it had rained it was nice and made me notice all the little things..Buleshwar is actually quite a place.. dont believe me? take a look!
Its a place where...
Workers sleep at their masters feet...

Its a place where...
Men guard lions..

Motorcycle seats resemble mini gardens..

where Superman decides to take the day off and go grocery shopping..

Its a place where...
when men find no place on the streets they start digging underground..

pigeons make their nest amongst wires..

The Leaning tower of Mumbai is made courtesy a few teacups..

Its a place where..
all sorts of gods bless the water a weary traveller may drink..

Where menus written on walls give graffiti an alternate meeting..

Its a place where..
men make themselves comfortable by sitting on just about anything..

where rays of sunshine are caught, cut and served for you to eat.

Where cow dung is dried, packed and sold.

Its a place where...
ordinary stones dressed with a few flowers make the prettiest street art..

where the the brightest colours from the rainbow are picked and threaded to adorn your house

its a place where...
forks and spoons form the prettiest patterns..

where an unbelievable number of religious pigeons reside..

its a place where....
good luck charms are tied to lamposts to bring luck to ppl as they go along their way...

where ordinary handcarts are dressed more snazilly than the fanciest of cars.

And its a placewhere...
water pipes are locked in place to prevent them from escaping :)