Sunday, June 13, 2010

Photo of the Day

I know i missed two posts hence here's an extra long to make it up to all of you!
One of my college trips led me to the very depths of Bhuleshwar.. since it had rained it was nice and made me notice all the little things..Buleshwar is actually quite a place.. dont believe me? take a look!
Its a place where...
Workers sleep at their masters feet...

Its a place where...
Men guard lions..

Motorcycle seats resemble mini gardens..

where Superman decides to take the day off and go grocery shopping..

Its a place where...
when men find no place on the streets they start digging underground..

pigeons make their nest amongst wires..

The Leaning tower of Mumbai is made courtesy a few teacups..

Its a place where..
all sorts of gods bless the water a weary traveller may drink..

Where menus written on walls give graffiti an alternate meeting..

Its a place where..
men make themselves comfortable by sitting on just about anything..

where rays of sunshine are caught, cut and served for you to eat.

Where cow dung is dried, packed and sold.

Its a place where...
ordinary stones dressed with a few flowers make the prettiest street art..

where the the brightest colours from the rainbow are picked and threaded to adorn your house

its a place where...
forks and spoons form the prettiest patterns..

where an unbelievable number of religious pigeons reside..

its a place where....
good luck charms are tied to lamposts to bring luck to ppl as they go along their way...

where ordinary handcarts are dressed more snazilly than the fanciest of cars.

And its a placewhere...
water pipes are locked in place to prevent them from escaping :)


  1. I love this post :) Invigorating!

  2. lol bhuleshwar. i think superwoman is definately the highlight of this post.

  3. Love it!
    Such beautiful snatches within the mess.

  4. thank you :)
    i was taking photos of all these things instead of the bldgs and streets :)

  5. Your favouritest person ever!June 19, 2010 at 12:46 AM

    I love the stones with the flowers, the haars and the frisky water pipes :) This is the friend who hasn't paid the sick visit, but I have a good excuse! Sick arrest myself.. but.. I will see you tomorrow! Yay!

  6. hehe hi favouritest person ever! i wonder who you could be! hmmn :)
    i know... we're both sick at the same time so we cant even comfort each other! :I

  7. Lovely photos Trip!! You had mentioned the trip to Bhuleshwar was great - can understand why now. :)

  8. Thanks so much didi :) I'm glad yoi liked them! We'll make a trip soon!