Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Shoppe

Inspiration struck me today morning which resulted in a spout of crazy crafting!
I've been making things for a while now and have always dreamt of having a mini exhibition and selling them.. however that might take a little more time!And since my friends and family have been encouraging me to share and sell the things i make instead of them just lying around... i thought i would put some photos up and see if any of you are interested in buying them!
so here it is... finally! The Shoppe!
Here are the first two items that are for sale..

1. Button Heart Dish

2. Zipper Button Bookmark :)

I'll be putting up more photos and prices in the following posts! I hope you like them :)

**** Please note that all the items I put up for sale are orignal ideas and are handmade by me. Please do not steal or replicate them for commercial use. It takes a lot of hardwork!

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