Monday, January 18, 2010

Misfit Mondays

I'm back again! Mondays usually seem to be accompanied by the blues and one of my bffs has a bad case of them! So in an effort to cheer her up, im dedicating this Misfit Monday to her. These are some photos of the week gone by that i think she'll enjoy. I hope you like them too!

Have a good week!
These colours remind me of the beginning of summer. And the star shaped fruit tastes yummy and looks so pretty when cut :) Here's sending you some warmth if you're stuck someplace frigid.
This was taken from on top of a bridge just outside Chinchpokli station. The name makes me smile everytime :)

Red buses shining in the afternoon sun are enough to brighten up any grey street. Also, if you are free this saturday with nothing to do, try catching a red bus without knowing its final destination. It can be your own mini adventure!

The shadow looks so much prettier than the gate. And it looks so different too! I think pretty shadows amount to awesome public art.

Marine drive. Our own little piece of heaven.

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