Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tumbling Tuesdays

Welcome to Tumbling Tuesday! The week has just begun and there are so many thoughts running through my head... work to do, tasks to finish, things to make, places to go and photos to take! There's so much to share... so lets start!

There have been songs running through my head throughout the day. Its like my personal soundtrack! Apart from providing me with entertainment it got me thinking on the effect music has on our moods. And alternatively, how we perceive music differently according to the mood we're in! Personally for me, the right song tends to make a sad day happier and a good day even better. Also, weirdly enough, I oscillate between focusing on the melody and focusing on the lyrics depending on my mood!
How does music affect your mood? Do let me know!
These lyrics, well literally sang out to me, so i thought I'll share them with you. : )
"When you wanna give up, and your hearts about to break,
Remember you're perfect, God makes no mistakes."
Credit : Welcome to wherever you are - Bon jovi
I hope it brightened up your day! xoxo

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