Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Photo of the Day: Sparkles of the Powder Keg

Have you ever had one of those days which start out pretty crappily but then suddenly turn such an unexpected turn for the better... that by the time the day ends you end up feeling so content and happy that you're left wondering what you were complaining about in the first place?
Well if you have... I had one those today :)

These are a bit of the highlights!
1.Seeing the sun shine for more than 30 seconds. Funny how i never much like the sun until 3 straight days of rain!
2. Going bargain hunting with my bff and finding not 1 or 2 but 3 amazing finds! iit was our lucky day :)
3. Seeing my best friends grandad and my grandmom bond like they've known each other their entire life :) its amazing how much joy simple conversations can bring!
4. Coming home and having the whole family here ( with my cousin and grandmom included) for a delicious 5 course impromptu dinner !
( also learnt that impromptu dinners having 5 courses are quite within the realm of the ordinary if you have punjabi blood flowing through your veins )
5. One of my two bff texting me to say i will recieve a surprise soon. Two seconds later the doorbell rings and someone is standing with my favourite desset in the whole wide world!!! BANOFFEE PIE !

I guess i have a lot to thank God for : )

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