Monday, November 22, 2010

Misfit Mondays

Misfit Monday today is a mix of everything that is currently running through my mind...

1. I'm trying harder to be thankful for what i have and the small bits of good fortune that follow me on a day to day basis.
Its easy to get angry for wishes that aren't granted. It s much harder to accept things the way they are and still hope and work towards a better future.

2. Its impossible to be untouched by inspiration if you're lucky enough to have studied in a school housed in a building as beautiful as mine. I think my love affair with architecture truly started the first time i climbed its glorious wooden staircase.

3. Tiny gifts are given at the most unexpected of times. I was patiently waiting for a friend and a lovely lady gave me this fallen imli as she went about her daily job of cleaning the garden. She could have easily kept it for herself but instead she offered it to me :) it made me feel special :)

My dog looks cooler in my first pair of sunglasses than I do. He obviously thinks I'm foolish for even considering the notion that i could wear them better than he does.

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