Monday, November 29, 2010

Misfit Mondays : The best of times

Life isn't in black and white. Not everything is wrong or right.

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Its not about the destination... its about the journey.
Its about learning to trust people and taking chances. Its about making mistakes and having the courage to admit them. Its about falling down and getting up again.

This is in tribute to my very best friends. You know what they say.. best friends are like family... only more special, because they have no moral obligation to stand by you...well that applies to us.. We're not like family.. we are family. And I am so grateful for having them in my life.
Its about the tiny little moments.Some of those that come to mind are...
Running down the street and getting drenched in the rain and the waves of the sea.
Having so much to talk about that conversations are frequently cut and topics are so frequently changed that if an outsider was listening he would think that we were crazy.
Its in continuing conversations that started weeks ago like they happened yesterday
Its in making birthday cards with gushy messages and old faded photographs.
Its saying the truth even when it may hurt... and keeping quiet when its needed.
Its about sticker machines and cramped carpools.
Its about code words and secret languages and tents made of blankets and chairs.
Its about barbies and pollypocket and make believe jobs
It is the comfortable silence which has no need to be filled up
Its about forgiveness and endless chances
Its in cheese toasties and mini pizzas and masala french fries
Its in borrowed books, clothes and jewellery
Its in passionate arguments and stormy fights and angry tears and emotional apologies
Its in crying your heart out in the middle of a crowded green lawn
Its in pretty dresses, mis matching earrings, tottering high heels and wide smiles
Its in knowing that though it might feel lonely sometimes, you"ll never be alone
Its in teasing smiles and knowing looks and endless giggles.. and ofcourse swiss knives and getaway cars.
Its about hidden jokes and shared secrets
Its in piling your hair atop your head and acting ten years older
Its in taking chances again and again.
Its about being one and yet being yourself.
Its about being worried when one third of you is being hurt.
Its about wanting the best for one another and helping each others dreams come true.
Its bout taking each others side and being loyal even when the whole world laughs at you.
Its in singing  stupid songs on the way to an exam.
Its in long drives with the wind blowing through our hair.
Its in imitating a wedding dance from across the street.
Its in the tears which are shed, the hugs that are shared and the hearts that are mended.
Its simply in knowing what is in strawberries and cream. :)

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