Wednesday, May 18, 2011


As you may have noticed, the layout of this blog has changed a little bit. This was primarily done as the photos that I uploaded were too small as a result of which many of the smaller intricate details were lost.
By changing things around ( which took a good 2 hours!) I finally managed to achieve a layout which I like. i would love to hear what you think about the changes..

Recent Updates to the Blog
  • I am now on bloglovin.. and have a button to the right to show for it! So do click on it and follow me there!
  • For those loyal few (lots and lots of love to you'll) who used to follow me on my blog.. the follower button seems to developed some sort of glitch due my changing my design.. I'm working on getting it functional again. So, in case you can no longer follow my blog, please click on it to do so.
  • For all those who read this blog.. I would be overjoyed if you decide to follow it on a regular basis..All you have to do is click on the bloglovin on follower buttons and you should get all my updates :)
Thank you for all the enthusiasm and encouragement. It makes blogging such a joy :)

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