Friday, October 22, 2010

Photo of the Day : Cake Anyone ?

It was my Dad's Happy Birthday yesterday! To make it slightly special , I ventured into the kitchen to make something other than candles.. that's right.. I attempted to cook for the second time in two weeks ! Woohoo!
Since he doesn't like chocolate at all ( I know, I know...It took me time to get over it too ) I decided to make him some lemon bars. They turned out to be quite good! However, I should probably stop cooking right now. I ate up most of the batter before baking it. Sigh. Sinful.

I saved an extra large piece for you : )

Here's thanking God for giving me the best dad in the whole world. I truly feel blessed.


  1. many happy returns of the day! where is a photo of the lemon bars, so i can drool over them?

  2. thank you! unfortunately I didnt manage to take any photos this time. But I plan on making a new batch soon so I should put some up pretty soon!