Monday, October 18, 2010

Misfit Mondays

It seems like everyone around me has been having a crappy Monday. Me included.
Hence in an effort to bring back the joy I'm resurrecting the long forgotten Misfit Mondays.
Here are list of some of the little things that are currently making me happy!
Hope they brighten up the start of your week too ! : )

1. I was given a tiny little auto rickshaw as one of the presents by someone who is very special to me.
    Now the humble auto rickshaw as a present mght seem a little weird to some of you. However, you have
    understand that i absolutely LOVE it.  bright colours? Check. Breeze blowing through your hair? Check.
    An adventure eveytime you ride in one? Check. Easy access to take greart photos? Check.
    Whats not to love?

    I guess what makes this as a present extra special is that you have to know me really well to know   something as quirky as that!

2. Fairy Lights

 Is there a simpler or nicer option to making a room feel cozy? I think not.
Plus it always reminds me of festival time, which is always a bonus!

3. This part of the wedding vows.

For better or worse... it just says so much. It means you're willing to take the chance and screw the odds and face the unknown together. It means you re willing to be there for each no matter what. IT means you re putting all your faith and trust into one person.. you re trusting them to sccept you despite all your faults, scars and shortcomings. It means that no matter what tomorrow or the day after that brings you want to and need to spend your life with the person you ve chosen as your better half.
* Dreamy sigh* . For better or worse.

4. Diwali cleaning is currently in full swing. And with the cleaning comes the discovery of long forgotten treasures!
I found numerous adorable little vintage buttons which were long forgotten! Take a look below.
Definately love at first sight!

This one is my favourite!

5. My new earrings.
    Some people have stars in their ears. I prefer them on my ears!

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