Thursday, October 6, 2011

Do it Yourself!

One of my closest friends just moved to New York and is going a little crazy trying to figure out what to do to his room! So I thought I would help him out by putting together some nice rooms I ve seen from which he can pick and choose ideas to incorporate into his room.

Some tips
1. Keep it simple.

2. Play with textures. Use bedspreads or bed sheets wisely. They have to be in your room so you might as well pick one that will help you make it lively!

3. Add pops of colour. They add a little bit of interest to the room and stop it from being boring.

4. Know what you need in your room and what you are going to use your room for. For example if you are going to catch up on reading, it makes sense to have a book rack or a small table next to your bed or a comfy chair.

5. Always think of storage. Try getting a bed with drawers or a nice frame which will let you store things that you might not always need under it.

( via Design Crush)

6. Shelves and their placement : Lifesavers!

7. A good room is where you feel comfortable and which suits your personality. Make a little effort. Moving to a new place can be alienating. It makes sense to create a coccon in a big busy city so you feel happy and recognise that it is infact a place which you can call your own.

8. Most importantly, recognise the importance of light. It can make a space look big or small, cheery or dull. We often underestimate the impact light has on our moods.
If you are lucky enought o have a source of natural light in your room, do everything short of making love to it!


  1. hey tripti! nice work
    acha under the fourth point...
    the first pic
    what is the patla sa thing under the mattress??

  2. Thank you :)
    Its a base that you can use to keep things on. It can be made from wood ( which looks the best), jute or rubber!