Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Currently crushing

Here's some middle-of -the-week cheer. The days are getting cold and this week seems to be stretching on. Im waiting excitedly for the weekend. Desperately craving some sleeeeep!

1. The holiday season.
Fairy lights rank high amongst my all time favourite things.

2.This weather! I'm sure everyone would be a whole lot nicer if the weather was like this the whole year round!
The only hard part is waking up every morning and getting out of your cozy blanket.

3. The anticipation of friends and family coming to visit. The happiness of being with people you love doesn't compare to anything else!

4. The way my dog nudges aside pillows to make space to cuddle with me :)

5. These lyrics...
"You learn to love to live,

You fight and you forgive,
You learn what's wrong and right,
You live before you die."
( credit : Live before you die : bon jovi )

6. My new grey bag with all its zips and pockets. It's structured, neutral and has lovely details. True love? Absolutely.

7. Re-decorating my room. Sorting through the old and taking out the new. Catharsis.

8. Street art in pretty colour combinations :)

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