Thursday, July 22, 2010

Photo of the Day

Wednesday's seem to own the magical gift of slowing down time. Right around every Wednesday the week slows down and the day seems to move sluggishly no matter how hard you try..

Well today I decided to take matters into my own hands and reclaim my Wednesday. I went on a search for a few inspiring things to brighten up my day and this is what i found..
A man sqeezing himself amongst cartons in the back of a truck and holding on for dear life.
Also.. Policemen often stop fancy cars for not wearing seat belts... Wonder what they have to say about this ?

This carasol makes a pretty picture along the beach :)

I love this picture.. it has the gossiping girls, the lively guys playing football and a pensive baby watching both :)

Who knew spilt water would make such a powerful photo?

Boats painted in bright colours...

Streetlights with one bulb missing... Beauty in discordancy :)

Blue , white and beige :)

And the colours and taste of the India captured in three bright bottles...

I hope this spreads a bit of mid week cheer :) Have a good week :)

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